About Your Critic

Your Critic is Kate Cox, a writer, reporter, and game and culture critic based in Washington, DC.

She began writing about games in 2010. Since then, her game-related work has appeared at Kotaku, GameCritics, The Border House, ThinkProgress, Ctrl+Alt+Defeat, The A/V Club, The Daily Dot, and in print and online in Smithsonian Magazine.

From late 2013 until its extremely sudden closure in Oct. 2017, she was a member of the Consumerist staff, where she wrote about the intersection of money, politics, regulation, and consumer issues, with a particular focus on technology and the internet. She has also written about technology for IndieWire, and now writes highly paywalled legal coverage full-time.

Originally from Boston, she majored in History at UMass - Amherst and later obtained an MFA in Film Studies from Boston University. She lives with her family in northern Virginia.