About Your Critic

Your Critic's Basic Bio

Your Critic is Kate Cox.

Kate is a video game and culture critic.  She spent one year as a full time staff writer for Kotaku.  Her work has appeared in print in Smithsonian Magazine, and online at Game Critics, The Border House, ThinkProgress, and Ctrl+Alt+Defeat.

Originally from Boston, she attended UMass - Amherst and studied History before obtaining an MFA in Film Studies from Boston University.  She and her family--husband, daughter, and mad cat, Guybrush--live just outside of Washington, DC.

Guybrush the cat has disdain for your controller, and will only play on PC.

How Your Critic Got Here

Your Critic was just shy of turning seven years old when she and her parents spent New Year's Eve at a family friends' house.  The couple, R__ and J__, had walls lined with action figures (Star TrekStar Wars! Geeky things beyond the recognition of a six-year-old!) and in order to keep the kid occupied while the grown ups sat around eating, drinking, and talking, they guided her to R's computer.  She played around for a while with some of the titles (memorably, learning angles and velocity by throwing explosive bananas at gorillas), but then the true magic words were spoken.  "I think you'll like this one," R said, "It's called Tetris."

Tetris: five minutes to learn, years truly to master.  And so, in first grade, Your Critic's obsession was born.

The hobby always lingered, but it took almost another twenty years for the analytical dots to start connecting themselves.  While I sat in my grad school classes watching French New Wave cinema or David Lynch films, something far back in the dark reaches of my brain was shouting, "Hey, you!  This applies to games, too!  Games games games!  You like games!  You could apply your David Lynch thesis* to EverQuest II and it would make just as much sense!"

It took me rather a long time to realize I should start writing my thoughts down, instead of excitedly blathering to the same three friends (one of whom married me anyway, bless him) about the same string of thoughts over and over.  In particular, a gender-themed panel I didn't like at PAX East 2010 made me feel the need to start shouting myself hoarse about feminism and gaming.  Thus, the blog.

In addition to the highbrow gaming criticism, I like games in which you can stab things, games in which you are sneaky, games in which you must solve things, and games with maps to uncover, just because they're there.  I'm also a big ol' geek in general, and we have the requisite massive bookshelf / pile of film & TV DVDs to go along with.

I game primarily on PC, so feel free to add me on Steam.  The console of choice in our house is the PS3; you'll also find me playing on Wii, DS, and Droid.

*I really did write my master's thesis on David Lynch films.  To this day I'm not quite sure that I didn't break some part of my brain in doing so.