About Your Critic

Your Critic is Kate Cox, a writer, reporter, and game and culture critic based in Washington, DC.

She began writing about games as a blogger and freelancer in 2010, and spent 2012 on the staff of Kotaku. She joined Consumerist in 2013, where for four years, until the site's extremely sudden closure in Oct. 2017, she wrote about the intersection of money, politics, regulation, and consumer issues, with a particular focus on technology and the internet. Following Consumerist she went to CQ Roll Call, where she covered mergers and antitrust matters, then joined the staff Ars Technica as tech policy reporter in 2019.

Over the yeas, her game-related work appeared at Kotaku, GameCritics, The Border House, ThinkProgress, Ctrl+Alt+Defeat, The A/V Club, The Daily Dot, Zam, and in print and online in Smithsonian Magazine. She has also written about technology for IndieWire. 

Originally from Boston, she majored in History at UMass - Amherst and later obtained an MFA in Film Studies from Boston University. She lives with her family in northern Virginia.