Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Women in Gaming (Pt... etc.)

A few folks shared this one on Twitter, and it really does sum up something that a very large percentage of female gamers have seen happen at least once.  (Click image to embiggen; original source.)

Sometimes, it's a no-win situation.  Please note, I'm not saying always.  It's very different in competitive gaming (anything with a PvP element) than in broader gaming discussions.  But oh lordy, does this ever happen.


  1. We 3000-year-old pansy elves with fabulous red hair have a name for guys who fit that profile.


    I firmly believe that a guy that does this is a guy who will be domineering, opinionated and unable to adapt, even when only around other males. Good manners are interpreted as weakness. Rudeness as strength. Ugh.

  2. Amazing, Toldain -- we female gamers 1% that age (with fabulous red hair) have the same word in our language! Seems to be a one-size-fits-all. ;)

  3. well there's a simple solution to all of this: girls just need to get hotter and better at games!

    but seriously, this flowchart is basically dead on. and we wonder why the common stereotype of male gamers in the media is that of a disgusting troll...

  4. This is why I only play against the computer and want nothing to do with other gamers. (Red Jenny has nice enough red hair, she usually keeps it under an N7 helmet though).

  5. I'm rather late to the party with seeing this, but ugh, so true.