Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Admin Note II

Comments made prior to this past Sunday (the URL conversion) still exist in the system, but are failing to show up on the blog.  I'm working on it, I promise.

Edit: Aaaaaand we're back.  The fault wasn't with the comment system; it was with Your Critic, who was too foolish to figure out that the "migrate threads" button would migrate the threads.  Carry on!


  1. You still exist, right? I mean, I know 2 weeks isn't a terribly long hiatus for a blog, but I'm getting a little paranoid; every time I find a good, thoughtful gaming blog, it goes quiet. Come on! The DA2 Demo came out today; its super annoying. Surely you can have something to say about that! Maybe, for example, you don't find it super annoying.

  2. I'm not done for, I promise. :)

    I have a lot of posts in progress but right now it's kind of a crazy time at the Day Job and -- shh -- that's where I do most of my writing. ;)