Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Admin, July Edition

FYI: Your Critic is on vacation with roughly thirteen thousand of her in-laws.

I am enjoying some writing time, I do plan to blog this week, and I am hoping to get some tricky pieces done while enjoying the beach view.  But I won't be on my normal M/W/F or my amended summer M/W schedule, as many have noticed by now. ;)

In the meantime, I was a participant in the most recent Bitmob Community Roundtable discussion, where five of us talked about narrative, dialogue, and dissonance in games.  My sympathy to Layton Shumway, who edited that piece, because not a one of the five of us who participated particularly practices brevity.

I also guest starred at Liz Tells Frank, where I helped old camp buddy Liz tell Frank what happened in Mass Effect.  (That involves Saren's evil eyebrows, sexytimes with Liara, and Kaidan's excessive sweat.  Also mass effect fields.)

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