Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Admin, September Edition

Just a few notes.

  • I had a blast being part of The Border House's inaugural podcast recording session last night, and I look forward to that going live whenever it does.
  • I helped out my friend Liz at Liz Tells Frank again... I'm sure everyone here knows what game I was describing.  ;) 
  • "Let's Talk About Sex" was reprinted at GameCritics and at The Border House
  • A version of "On Gaming Death" has been frontpage featured at Bitmob.
  •  The busiest time of the entire year for me at Day Job is the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October.  I've been working overtime and having weekend obligations (weddings far away, etc) and so there's been very little gaming or writing time.  Apologies.  I hope we can return to our regularly scheduled programming in mid-October.  I like blogging much more than I like doing my day job, but only the latter gives me a steady paycheck and health insurance.  ;)
  • That said, I'm working on a piece for myself about Bastion that's more fun than I thought (like the game and its soundtrack), and I'm working on two pieces for other outlets as well.  Stay tuned.

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