Monday, June 27, 2011

Other Critics' Castles

Hello internets, I'm working my way back to civilization.

But while I was gone, some friends have been churning out some stellar video game essays.

Over at Two Whole Cakes, Lesley's written a pair of articles:

And my old college buddy at Retconning My Brain published her piece on the Asari: Bluer than your Matriarch's Orion Slave Girls!

So while I'm unpacking and trying to figure out what the cat wants, go read those.


  1. OK... that's... surprising.  I've already read a couple of those articles, did you link to them already?  If not I wonder how I found them.

  2. Possibly via Twitter, or The Border House?  Or they link to me also too, so it's a big ol' circle.

  3. You linked at least two of them on Twitter

  4. The cat probably wants to sucker-swipe an innocent puppy.