Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Playlist

I'm going to try to keep track of what I'm playing in any given week.

1.) Ace Attorney Investigations: This is my commuting game. I've been a fan of the franchise for quite a while, and really loved Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice in that way you really love watching a soap or movie that you kind of know might be terrible but is just oh-so-good. Edgeworth's game hasn't grabbed me that way yet, but it's still fun.

2.) EQ2: Can't help it. I've been playing on and off for over five years and I'm "on" right now. Test Server... it's like an addiction, man! Plus they just gave us another big patch. Mmmmm, patchy. Though I don't have any character slots left to roll a toon in New Halas. Maybe I'll relocate one. I love playing on Test, but that's a post for another time.

3.) BioShock: I know, right? Sadly, I don't mean Bioshock 2 and I don't mean "replay." I never finished it the first time, because I started playing it at a friend's place, on his 360, and then I took my ancient gaming PC and total lack of consoles and moved 300 miles away. I won't be building my new gaming rig until June so I'm playing it on my husband's PC.

Maybe I need to start a Backloggery account like he has. But it would be very long indeed... it's astonishing the number of games I've played half of.

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  1. I want to talk to you about BioShock when you're done, particularly in the context of the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie adaptation.