Monday, December 19, 2011

The Music of Mass Effect 3 - Preview

I've got Mass Effect 3 on the brain bad, guys. So bad. I had a dream about it a few weeks ago, that's how bad.  (It was a sad dream.  Shepard had to choose between two populated, thriving planets to save and she was really upset, talking to Garrus about how she was just one person and couldn't be everywhere at once, and didn't know what to do.)

I've been avoiding watching any leaked footage or reading anything with story spoilers, because I want to go into it fresh.  (These weeks are worse than when I was neck-deep in the Lord of the Rings fandom a decade ago. At least I already knew how that story would end!)

But when there was that ME3 leak on XBox Live, some kind soul created an edit of just the soundtrack music available in it, without any dialogue or visuals (spoilers!) to go with.  I listened to it once, thought, "Good, Mansell's definitely on the right track," and then the next morning woke up mildly obsessed with it.

There's also this:

Which was just followed by this link (non-Facebook version), to a snippet of ME3 soundtrack that Hulick wrote. 

I wsa going originally to do some intelligent total guesswork analysis on the snippets from the video, but right now I just need to get some completely irrational fangirling live.  Any game series that puts its hero's theme in 7/8, even for just the middle game, is a series that has me forever.

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  1. Don't worry, Kate. The rachni will save the other planet. They owe Shep a big one.

  2. Seriously, every single mission or dialogue or scenario that pops into my brain is just endlessly depressing and manipulative with absolutely no "total win" outcome.  Which might be because of how much Dragon Age 2 I've been playing.  (David Gaider, while brilliant, likes to be *mean* to the player.)  Good thing BioWare's writing team doesn't have total overlap...

  3. I feel pretty good, most of the time, about skipping DA2. The DAO expansions were weak enough to wean me off that particular addiction. I'd rather just play DAO again - and I will! Also, the Steam Winter Sale must have started because the site has been crashed all morning.

  4. Yes, it did.  And DA2/DA:O are completely different games; 2 is actually more like "Awakenings" so if you didn't like that then yeah, best skip.

  5. At the moment I'm stuck in the awesome Third Age mod for Medieval 2: Total War because my evil horse empire (I'm Rhun, the baddies off the east edge of the LOTR map) spans the world and the only good races left to fight are the High Elves and the remnants of the Dwarfs but I can't officially win until I take Minas Tirith and Mordor got there first while I was swallowing up Rohan, Dale and northern Gondor. So I have to provoke Mordor's orcs to attack me so I can fight them without pissing off Sauron. Sigh. #middleearthproblems

  6. "David Gaider, while brilliant, likes to be *mean* to the player."

    I just finished DA2, and oh my goodness, you are not kidding.  I'm so glad I decided to walkthrough my romance.  And I was still gut-punched on the Anders thing despite the spoilers I got, though it wasn't anger.  (Cried buckets.)

    Anyhow, if you don't mind, I'll shoot you an e-mail that has a link to an epic post I put on a message board about my responses to DA2.