Sunday, March 13, 2011

Your Critic Needs a Nap

Hello, internets.  Hello anyone I gave my card to at PAX.  Hello loyal readers.

Your Critic valiantly tried to live-blog from PAX East but the Blogger Droid app decided that "publish" was not going to work as such, ever, from anywhere, so instead I have a really quite busy indeed Twitter stream, and a bunch of photos and even some short video on my phone.

In extremely brief summation, to be expanded upon probably Tuesday (I'll be offline for family matters on Monday): The "Females on Female Characters" panel was not so great.  The "The Other Us" panel was fantastic.  The ladies' brunch and today's diversity-themed panel were great.  I met loads of people and did lots of great things, and had a fantastic time.  The BCEC is leagues better than the Hynes as a space for 65,000 gamers and I believe next year they can make it better still.  (More Sumo chair areas!)

I am deeply satisfied with my experience and also now aware how very challenging the "Beyond the Girl Gamer" series is going to be.  Be good to each other; I'm going to attend this memorial tomorrow and then try to sleep for 3 or 4 days straight.  Because god knows that "sleeping" and "eating" and "water" came in pretty low on this weekend's agenda.

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