Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In which I develop an opinion on Capcom

I really had no particularly strong feelings on either Capcom or on their upcoming Devil May Cry game until today.

But then, via Samit Sarkar, there was this.

That, right there, is the Christmas card that Capcom PR sent out this year.

Not only is Dante--that charming fellow on the left, there--surrounded by angels, but the angels are, of course:
  • women
  • light-skinned women
  • big-busted light-skinned women
  • big-busted light-skinned women with hourglass figures
  • big-busted light-skinned women with hourglass figures and prodigious, posed posteriors
And this partridge in the pear tree of disgusting is, of course, the one lady angel on her back, her mouth oh-so-suggestively aligned with Dante's crotch.  And JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, he's pointing to her head.


I didn't care about Capcom until now.  But as of today, they're on my personal shit list--there to remain, I suspect, more or less permanently.

Well done, Capcom PR!


  1. It's the fact that it's a holiday greeting that actually shocks me. I'm not shocked that a PR team would do something like this at some point, to some target audience. I am shocked that they thought this would be a cool holiday greeting card. On what planet, other than the planet of Far Cry 3 writers, is this an awesome idea?

  2. This immediately reminded me of a passage from an old article by David Foster Wallace about attending the AVN awards, a pornography awards show.  He is talking to a particular porn producer/director, Max Hardcore, described as being misogynistic and tastelessness enough to be notable for theses things, even within the population of porn producer/directors.

    "Max right away jumps in with his idea of the perfect photo for the title page of this very article.  The proposed shot is to be of Max Hardcore, holding several of the AVN Awards trophies . . . seated in some kind of imperial-looking and really nice chair that is itself set up on the palm-studded boulevard of the famous Las Vegas Strip . . . with a retinue of scantily clad starlets either draped swoonily over him or prostrate at his feet, or both.  It is important to note that there are no audible scare-quotes, no irony or embarrassment or self-awareness of any sort on Max's face as he sketches this photo's tableau for us."

    So Capcom is in good company, I guess.

  3. Not only is he pointing at her head - he's gun-pointing at her head. That is most definitely man-with-invisible-gun-in-his-hand pointing.

  4. By comparison, the Wizards of the Coast holiday card for their Magic department was a split gaming card: "Naughty // Nice". Where the Naughty half is a dude stealing and eating your pie, and the Nice side is the dude giving you a pie. Because, you know, spirit of the holidays and having some general level of professionalism in our whimsy.

    Capcom, by comparison: not so professional.

  5. For a second I had Capcom and Popcap mixed up and I was like whaaaa?

  6. That is AWFUL. Jeezus. I am so repulsed right now. Stay class, Fapcom.